Chronicles the 1st and 2nd 327th Infantry Battalions of the 101st Airborne Division.  Detailed information on all Line Companies, Long Range Reconnaissance Units, battalion rosters, unit & individual citations.          

Documents the 101st Airborne Divisions, 1st 327th Infantry Battalion “Tiger Force LRRP.”  The men that made up The Tiger Force Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon, were considered by many field commanders to be some of the finest Jungle Fighters fielded in the Vietnam War.

A nostalgic look at the history of Airborne Troopers

Griffin’s Lair chronicles the 101st Airborne Division at the Battle Of  Dak To June 1966.

This site belongs to Wyman Helms.  He was a member of Tiger Force 1st 327th Infantry Battalion in 1966.  He was sited for heroism in 1966 but it took 36 years for him to finally get his awards and the recognition he was due.  A great page for all Veterans to see.

This site belongs to Roy Stanford.  Roy was a Marine in Vietnam and his site documents his tour of duty unlike any others I have seen on the Internet.  The recipient of many awards, this site is a "Must See" for all who served in the Vietnam War.

This site belongs to Mike Adams.  Mike was a Marine in Vietnam and he has built a site that is a pleasure to view by all family members.  It's very whimsical but serious at the same time.  Nicely done page.

This site belongs to Gary Allison  -  AKA SgtHuey to his friends.  Gary pulled three tours in Vietnam, he was with the 68th Assault Helicopter Co. as a crew chief from August 1969 - October 1970. He joined the 68th after his first tour with the Combat Engineers 1968 - 1969 as a demolition expert.  If you haven't met Gary Allison, you have missed the experience of a life time.

This site belongs to Marion "Mouse" Hammond.  He served with the 101st Airborne Division, 1st 327th Infantry Battalion, 1st Brigade.

This site belongs to Katy Porter.  Katy was with the United States Navy during the Vietnam war.  She was a "Courier" hand carrying sensitive documents from Washington, D.C. to MACV Central Command in South East Asia.  Katy is beloved by the Veteran's Community.


“I will not relent nor leave your side My Brother.  I shall always soar with you knowing that Honor & Brotherhood are the two single elements that keep us aloft on windless days.”