Through the millennium poets have embraced friendship with the written word. In times of peace and amidst the horrors of war, men have huddled together seeking warmth, solace and the inner peace that conquers the fear.

We are the warriors and witnesses of yet another war. For so many of us the words have been there for us to reflect upon. They have helped us understand the loss and pain that so many have endured. The ghostly hand of war rests upon our souls but the words allow us to go on and to understand our purpose of being.

Men dream of friends, but first you must find the words to fire the dream. It took me thirty six years to find the words.

For all of you that have reached out and touched me so gently, that have given so much of yourselves, I want to thank you with my ever-lasting love.

You have given me strength to face the day. You have given me wisdom to understand. You have given me comfort so that when I lay my head down in the evening weary from the day, I now find peace in knowing that I am surrounded by my brothers.

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